» Yelling ‘Focus!’

Ben Thompson on yesterday’s Keynote:

The first 90 minutes were excellent: very tight, with excellent clarity and momentum, well-rehearsed speakers delivering mostly iterative announcements with the occasional surprise. The final 60, on the other hand — the “one more thing” — were the exact opposite: unclear and dragging, with unprepared speakers delivering…well, I’m honestly not sure about what most of them were saying. If there was a surprise the lack of a coherent message has to be top of the list.

Apple Music may turn out to be great, but I watched the Keynote and really have no idea what Apple Music means for iTunes, Apple Radio, Beats, iTunes Connect, Family Sharing and probably half a dozen other Apple services. I do know more than I wanted to know about what music Eddy Cue likes, though, so there’s that.