» Turning This Car Around #51: The Hard Questions

This week we talk about talking to kids about the hard stuff, like death. It’s really uplifting.

» ‘Pebble Time Will Beat the Apple Watch’

I assume they exist, but I’ve never seen a LinkedIn opinion piece that wasn’t 100 percent bananas.

I mean, I assume they do. I dunno.

» The Rebound #23: The Head Wound Episode

This week we talk about the Pebble Time, the Apple Car and Alto’s Adventure. Then it turns into a let’s play.

» ‘Discovering Minecraft’

Very pleased to announce that I’ll be doing a local event at Ada’s books in Seattle on March 3rd.

Join Seattle science and technology reporter Glenn Fleishman while he interviews John Moltz, co-author of The Visual Guide to Minecraft.

We’ll talk about the game, the community, the book and probably some other stuff. Stop by and say hi.

» The Talk Show #111: 12 Hours A Day

I join John Gruber on this week’s edition of The Talk Show to discuss the New Yorker’s profile of Jony Ive, the Apple car and some guy who used to write a fake column about Steve Jobs.

» ‘iWatch, iHub’

Glenn Fleishman:

HomeKit, HealthKit, Apple Pay, AirPlay, CarPlay, Touch ID, iCloud. The Watch is the digital hub around which everything rotates in the new Apple universe.

It’s a pretty compelling vision that answers the question as to why anyone would want one. I mean, I’ll just be happy to have a thing on my wrist that tells time, but this is cool, too.

» The Speedy Arrowcast

Did you guys know I podcast? Yeah, it’s true. I have a mic and everything.

If you like the popular television show “Arrow”, you might like listening to me, Dan Moren and Guy English talk about it over on The Incomparable’s TeeVee line of TV podcasts. This week we go episode 14, “The Return”, which features people returning to places and plot points and Ollie straight up murdering a guy. It also features me blanking on Slade Wilson’s name. Hey, he’s been gone for awhile.

I think I call him “eye patch guy”.

Anyway, you can subscribe to the feed with this link.

» The Rebound #22: Is There a Mrs. Brookstone?

This week we talk about the Apple Car rumor, more on the Apple Watch because we know so much more now and that profile of Jony Ive.

» ‘Confessions of an iPhone 6′

Your Friday afternoon enjoyment reading from Jessie Char.

» Turning This Car Around #50: Fears and Dogs

This week we talk about kids and their fears.