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GeekWire’s Taylor Soper:

Amazon’s first smartphone wasn’t exactly a hit, and now the company is paying for it.

During the company’s earnings conference call this afternoon, CFO Tom Szkutak revealed that Amazon took a $170 million charge in write-down costs last quarter “primarily related to Fire Phone inventory valuation and supplier commitment costs.”

Probably a good time to repost my Fire Phone sales chart.

» The Rebound, episode 6: Time to Die

Yosemite, Apple’s pricing scheme, Apple Pay and a game of “Which watch?” on this week’s episode of The Rebound.

» Pro-Naked-Butt-Farting Tag

This episode of Turning This Car Around looks at kids and swearing.

» Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

Dan Frommer:

The Mac has gained market share in 33 of the last 34 quarters.

The PC wars aren’t as important as they were, but they’re not over.

» iFixit’s 2014 Mac Mini Teardown

The RAM is now soldered onto the motherboard in the Mac mini as well.

This is another reason why I feel Apple’s pricing is out of whack. The days where you could skimp on the initial purchase and upgrade at your own expense later are all but gone.

» ‘OS X Yosemite: Tips, Tricks, and Details’

Lots of good stuff out there on Yosemite, but this easily digestible piece by Federico Viticci highlights a bunch of stuff you might not have known about.

» Low end theory

Over at Macworld, I discuss Apple’s current pricing scheme and suggest Apple is not always offering the best product at the best price. From the underpowered low-end iMac and low-end Mac mini to the lack of a 32 GB option in the new iPhones, Apple’s pricing is becoming skewed to push you up the chain.

» Apple’s Fourth Quarter Results

Revenue, profit and Mac sales are up. iPad sales are down, a bit more than predicted by analysts but the Mac sales were very strong. Another great quarter so expect everyone to focus on the iPad sales and nothing else. The outlook for next quarter is strong.

» There Are Two Holes In The Basement Wall

On episode 35 of Turning This Car Around we look at the stupid things we thought before we had kids.

» Boom

Brianna Wu in a terrific piece on xojane:

Today, I’m being targeted by a delusional mob called “Gamergate.”

If you don’t know what Gamergate is, my God do I envy you. Gamergate is basically a group of boys that don’t want girls in their videogame clubhouse. Only, instead of throwing rocks, they threaten to rape you.

This is about video games, by the way. I know it seems incredible but… there it is.