» Samsung lied about Galaxy Tab sales

I have said this repeatedly: It’s OK to like Samsung’s devices. It’s OK to like Android. But Samsung itself? It’s just not a good company.

Yes, they’re all capitalist entities driven by profit, shareholder return and increasing the wealth of their executives, so none of them are perfect. But Samsung is exceptionally bad.

» Amazon.com to Acquire comiXology

Smart move by Amazon. I’ll be interested to see what happens to in-app purchases in comiXology. I can’t imagine them changing them to try to cut Apple out since that’s what really drives the app. But, then, they don’t have in-app purchases in the Kindle reader.

(Via Matt Alexander)

» YouTube empire building

Tubefilter’s Sam Gutelle:

Joseph Garrett currently runs one of the most popular YouTube channels in the world, and he’s going to try to use his influence to teach his fans. The Brit, who goes by Stampylonghead on YouTube, announced at MipTV that he will launch an educational channel alongside his partner network, Maker Studios.

Garrett was one of the Minecraft YouTube video producers I interviewed for my piece in The Magazine. This seems like an excellent fit.

Maker is now owned by Disney.

» Bad messaging

Condoleezza Rice joins the Dropbox board of directors.

Here’s a cynical take on this. Clearly in this era of NSA revelations this is a terrible message to be sending to users of their service. It is, however, a great message to be sending to big data companies that might be looking to acquire you. “WE’RE WILLING TO SCRAPE EVERYTHING, COME GET US!”

I don’t know, maybe it’s just tone deafness. But maybe it’s just a message that’s not for you, the Dropbox user.

» Survey does not say


Apple’s iPhone continues to grow in popularity with U.S. teenagers, according to Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster’s latest semiannual teen survey…

Reminder: Piper Jaffray’s surveys do not include low income teens. Also, Apple has been a Piper Jaffray client in the past.

This has been a reminder.

» Open wins again

From the Heartbleed Q&A:

How common are the vulnerable OpenSSL versions?

The vulnerable versions have been out there for over two years now and they have been rapidly adopted by modern operating systems.

Two years. But just imagine how long that bug could have survived if the source code had not been available to gazillions of users.

Looks like open source is still looking for some developers who think giving code security audits on a Saturday night sounds like a good time. That’s the worst OK Cupid profile ever.

» You’re in Second Grade and Your Ass is Still in First

Episode 14 of America’s most wanted dadcast talks about other people’s kids who are the worst, aren’t they? Not your little angels, of course, I’m talking about other people’s kids.

» Apple wearables, circa 2003

Apple press release from Macworld 2003:

Burton Snowboards and Apple® today unveiled the limited-edition Burton Amp, the world’s first and only wearable electronic jacket with an integrated iPod™ control system.

(Image here.)

Much like today’s wearables, it was a huge success. They sold literally dozens of them.

While dedicated jackets didn’t catch on, it was pretty common to wear an iPod while skiing or snowboarding during the heyday of the iPod. Now, I hardly ever see anyone wearing headphones. Presumably safety won out, which is a good thing.

» Your dumb question du jour

Wired asks: “Microsoft Is Suddenly a New Company. But Is It Too Late?”

This is like asking if someone who has a broken leg and a bloody nose should be put down. No, it’s not “too late”. How do we know this? Because Apple was in much worse shape when Steve Jobs came back. Is it going to be easy? Probably not. But come on.

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