» Turning This Car Around #39: Minions Don’t Have [redacted]

On this episode of America’s most something dadcast, Lex talks about his vacation and we look ahead to the holidays.

» ‘Apple Now Offering Apple Rewards Visa’

Josh Centers at TidBITS:

With the Apple Rewards card, you’ll earn 3 points for every dollar spent at any of Apple’s physical and online stores, 2 points at restaurants, and 1 point on all other purchases. After you’ve earned 2,500 points, you can redeem them for a $25 Apple Store gift card (the default) or a $25 iTunes gift card.

I had an Apple rewards card issued from Citibank back in the 1990s. That program was killed when Steve Jobs returned. So, yeah, I’m saying Steve Jobs would never have issued an Apple rewards credit card.

» Space Age

New game from Neven Mrgan and Matt Comi. Looks like a lot of fun.

It was released last night so along with the new levels for Monument Valley I spent six dollars on games yesterday. How ever can I afford this lavish lifestyle, you ask? I’m a freelance writer, baby.

(Seriously, apparently some people were complaining about the $1.99 charge for the extra levels to probably the most beautiful iOS game ever. I paid for them and finished them yesterday and if there were another extra 8 levels for $4, I’d drop it in a heartbeat. You need to pay for things. You need to reward people for good work.)

» Brr!

It’s cold in the Seattle-Tacoma area today and Jeff Carlson discovered Siri has an amusing reaction:

Siri just made a “brr” sound when I asked about the temperature. Not “burr,” but the vibration you make with both lips. Fascinating.

I captured it for your listening enjoyment.

» New levels for Monument Valley

If you haven’t played Monument Valley yet, ask yourself when you stopped loving life.

» ‘Don’t panic but do pay attention’

iMore’s Nick Arnott has the most sensible reaction to the Masque attack I’ve read:

Apple has a lot of safeguards built into iOS. A Masque attack tries to get you to circumvent those safeguards and install malicious apps anyway.

It’s not a bug, but Apple needs to fix it. It’s also incredibly unlikely that any average user is going to get hit by this.

» The Rebound #8: Fire Everything!

This week (which is to say last week), Lex is on vacation so Dan and I have special guest Guy English. We talk comic book movie trailers and the Apple Watch.

» Free confusion

PC World’s Jared Newman:

With the news that Microsoft is making all of its mobile Office apps free—the iPad and upcoming Android tablet versions—you knew there had to be some caveats.

It’s nice that Office is free now on mobile devices. Well, free unless you want to use premium features. Windows is also free. On devices with screens smaller than 9 inches.

Microsoft is trying to compete with Google, but it can’t match Google’s “it’s all free” model unless it becomes an advertising company. Is the freemium model going to work like this? I’m not sure.

» Turning This Car Around, episode 38: Judgment & Blow

In this episode we’re judging you, other parents. For so many things.

» Amazon Echo

In theory this is what everyone wants, right? The equivalent of the computer from the Enterprise in your house giving you the 411 and gettin’ crap done for you.

Except the computer on the Enterprise didn’t have a creepy business model behind it. As Jon Mitchell says:

That’s right! Now you don’t even have to tell Amazon — the world’s most desperate selling-things company — what you want to buy. Just buy a $200 listening device, and Amazon will record all your wants, needs, and other conversations and send them to a “brain” in “the cloud!”

Somehow the video betrays the fact that Amazon’s whole point with this thing isn’t to give you a convenience, it’s to scrape all the rich, creamy data you’ll provide them. It doesn’t touch a single heartstring or appeal to a burning desire. “Just get it and put it in your house.” Yeah, no, I don’t think so.