» ‘How is the Apple Watch doing?’

Benedict Evans, talking about Apple Watch sales figures,  touches on the duality of the Apple Watch:

Reading the Watch’s launch reviews, I sometimes got the sense that the tech press was writing about it as though the luxury goods industry didn’t exist and that the luxury press was writing as though technology didn’t exist: no-one spends money on things because they’re just nice and no-one buys things that don’t last forever.

Some people do not like the Apple Watch. But a lot of people do. It isn’t selling as well as analysts predicted it would. But it’s selling better than the iPod, iPhone and iPad did at this point in their lifecycle and far better than other smartwatches. It’s a bit of a Rorschach’s cat.

» Sad trombone

Jared Newman, writing for Macworld:

CurrentC, the mobile payments solution backed by big retailers such as Target, Walmart, and Best Buy, might not launch this year after all, and some member stores are now throwing their support behind Apple Pay.

Hang on, gotta find an article saying CurrentC would beat Apple P-HERE YOU GO.

And another.

Then there’s this one.

» ‘Visualizing Apple’s Historical iPhone Lineups, Guessing the Next One’

Writing for MacStories, Graham Spencer uses the historical pattern to try to predict what Apple’s new iPhone lineup will look like this year. He thinks a 4-inch 6c is unlikely and, sadly, I agree.

At the same time, if the new top-of-the-line iPhones have taptic screens, I’m probably less likely to buy a 4-inch model with last year’s internals than I’ve been saying I am anyway.

» Google reorg

The Verge:

In a blog post today, Google co-founder Larry Page announced a massive restructuring of the company, instituting Sundar Pichai as CEO and shifting himself and co-founder Sergey Brin to a larger organization called Alphabet that will oversee Google as well as affiliated companies like the life-extension project Calico and a drone delivery venture called Wing.

They picked Alphabet because Weyland Yutani was already taken.

» ‘HTC phone stored unencrypted fingerprints’

The BBC:

Four experts from security company FireEye found the HTC One Max stored fingerprint data in an image file that was simple to decode.

I may not be a security expert but…

» Turning This Car Around #72: Death and Underwear

We got free podcasting underwear. And it is awesome.

We also talk about fatherhood or something.

» The Rebound #46: I’m Gonna Mic the Wobble

Lex gets a new phone thanks to T-Mobile and Apple is not making its own network. Or is it? It’s not. Is it?

» iOS grows share in European markets


This wouldn’t be news except a bunch of people said Android’s growth in Europe meant Apple was doomed and here we are. iOS may lose share later. That’s OK. All things are impermanent. Soon we die.

» ‘What You Need to Know About the Thunderstrike 2 Worm’

Rich Mogull, writing for TidBITS about the Thunderstrike firmware vulnerability:

Is there anything I need to do?

No, nearly everyone can ignore Thunderstrike 2 entirely.

The the-sky-is-falling Wired report on it Rich links to capitalized “MACs” in the second paragraph. So.

» The Sunrise Pinnacle

A Nico Gerard designer watch that sells for $112,000 and… includes an Apple Watch Edition. The Edition is on the other side of the band. Seriously.

I guess that’s one way to compete.

(Via @iconmaster and Tom Carmony)