» A Swift kick in the ass

I don’t have a hot take on Taylor Swift’s Tumblr post and Apple’s subsequent change of course from this weekend, I just wanted to use that title.

» Sponsor: Pagico 7

My thanks to Pagico for sponsoring the Very Nice Web Site RSS feed this week.

We all have to manage tasks, notes, files, projects and contacts. Pagico lets you organize all of them in one elegant app, which is like Things and Bento rolled into one. It’s amazingly satisfying when have boarding passes right next to travel itineraries, or design drafts along with meeting notes.

With most todo apps, it’s easy to overlook tasks and miss deadlines when they are scattered among projects or contacts. Pagico, however, has a Dashboard view that turns all your tasks into one beautiful flowchart. Compared to the traditional calendar view, the flowchart is highly effective in giving you a forecast of your entire workload, making it easy to stay informed with those long-term tasks.

Another highlight of Pagico 7 is that it offers robust project management features. You can efficiently and easily navigate in your ocean of projects even when you have hundreds of them.

Pagico 7 also works with Zapier, which allows it to connect to thousands of apps and create amazing workflows. For instance, you can make workflows (zaps) to turn emails into tasks, get alerts on Slack when a task is due, or create Google Calendar events when a new task is created. The possibilities are endless.

Pagico works on OS X, Windows and Ubuntu and syncs with your mobile devices. Give it a try today (no payment or user account necessary) and see if it can make your work better organized, less stressful and more fun.

» Apple Watch now available at the Apple Store

If you’re well-heeled and looking for a last minute Father’s Day gift.


» The Rebound #39: El Capitan Crunch

We talk about Schiller on The Talk Show, El Capitan, iPad multitasking and Apple dropping the Mac before we close with me getting something drastically wrong.

» Turning This Car Around #65: Sacrificial Phil

This week on the world’s most likely to include me dadcast we talk about the sacrifices you make as a parent.

» ‘Who Has Your Back?’

The Electronic Frontier Foundation rates technology companies on protecting your data from government requests. High marks go to Adobe, Dropbox, Yahoo and Apple, among others. Not so high marks to AT&T, Google, Microsoft and Slack.

In light of this, I’d like to apologize to Dropbox for my cynical remarks about their hiring of Condoleeza Rice. Fortunately, that seems not to have panned out. I’m glad to be wrong. Frequently.

» Microsoft shake up

MarketWatch provides the details of Microsoft’s latest reorganization. The biggest change seems to be this:

Executive Vice President Terry Myerson will lead a newly formed team, Windows and Devices Group (WDG), focused on enabling more personal computing experiences powered by the Windows ecosystem. This new team combines the engineering efforts of the current Operating Systems Group and Microsoft Devices Group.

Stephen Elop will transition out and Mark Penn is — finally — leaving to spend more time with his Scroogled mugs. Actually, it says he “has decided to pursue another venture outside Microsoft” so I wish him every success as Donald Trump’s campaign manager.

» Am I going to have to buy a Playstation?

I would not be surprised if Firewatch won’t run on my 2012 MacBook Air and Star Wars Battlefront looks sa-weeeeet.

Have to. Get to. Tomato. Tomahto.

» ‘El Capitan first look’

Rene Ritchie provides the highlights. I would have loved to get Siri on OS X but I’ll be happy with stability and Find My Cursor. I’m terrible at that game and would gladly pay a dollar to unlock the cheat codes.

» Minecraft for HoloLens

Microsoft had many good reasons to buy Minecraft but it sure makes a killer demo for the HoloLens and is likely to inspire a whole generation to get the device, assuming it ships before 2030. My only concern is how many of my organs my child will harvest to sell in order to buy one when it becomes available. Some of these organs I still use.