» The Rebound #78: Dump Truck Full of Phones

Dan, Lex and I provide our hot takes on Apple’s announcement piping fresh from our mouths.

» iPhone SE fits in iPhone 5 and 5s cases

Evil Apple trying to make a buck by forcing people to… wait.

I’ve taken a liking to leather cases since I last owned this form factor so I’ll be buying a new case anyway, but it’s nice to know my plastic shell cases from two years ago will fit in a pinch.

» iPhone SE

Say hello to my new phone.

» Microsoft’s ‘erotic schoolgirl’ party

Who the hell approved that idea? It’s since been denounced by Xbox chief Phil Spencer.

Microsoft is clearly in the throes of doing some soul-searching on the sexism in Xbox games. Having picked a naked woman as the persona for its voice software hasn’t quite helped, but I guess at least they’re trying to now makes some changes.

» The Rebound #76: The Apple of Ice Cream

I really think we could have gone longer on ice cream in this episode. I mean, we are so much more than just another tech podcast.

» Flashback

The New York State Attorney General in 2013, chastising Apple and other smartphone makers:

The companies that dominate this industry have a responsibility to their customers to fulfill their promises to ensure safety and security.

2013’s New York State officials had a better idea about smartphone security than 2016’s do.

» Turning This Car Around #101: Civics

No Lex this week so Jon and I dissect some movie trailers and then talk about civics.

» View-Master Virtual Reality Viewer review

That’s a lot of “view”. But over at Macworld, I review the latest View-Master and find myself getting nauseated while looking at swimsuit models.

» The Talk Show #148, With Special Guest John Moltz

I joined John Gruber on this week’s edition of The Talk Show to discuss that Apple FBI thing you might have heard of as well as Firewatch and other topics of note.

» Turning This Car Around #100: The Granny Situation

Sometimes it’s the links we don’t include in the show notes that you’ll be glad about.