» ‘Business leaders urge Congress to certify Biden win’

Microsoft and almost 200 other prominent American businesses have signed a letter urging Congress to dismiss attempts by Republicans to overturn the results of the presidential election.

Almost 200 of the country’s top business leaders urged Congress to certify the electoral results for President-elect Joe Biden in a letter Monday, arguing that “attempts to thwart or delay this process run counter to the essential tenets of our democracy.”

It is a shame to not see Apple on this list but Microsoft’s concern here stands out to me. If the company is so worried about democracy then perhaps it should ask itself why its corporate political action committee continues to donate money to the very senators and congressmen who are attempting to overturn the verified results of a democratic election, results that responsible Republicans have recognized as valid.

After suspending its PAC donations in the fall of 2019, one of the first people Microsoft donated to in December of that year was the campaign of Josh Hawley, the senator from Missouri who is leading the charge to contest Joe Biden’s win, not because he doesn’t believe Biden won fair and square but because he cravenly wants to curry favor with Trump fans in preparation for his own presidential bid in 2024. I haven’t checked on the other signatories on the list but as many hail from financial and banking interests, you can be sure they have also donated to the election campaigns of Hawley or his anti-democratic compatriots.

I don’t run a billion dollar company, but it seems to me that if you stop helping elect anti-democratic assholes, you’ll have to sign fewer “Please support democracy” letters.