» Tablet as TV

Ben Bajarin links to this piece on a service providing broadcast TV to tablet owners and says:

More fuel for my tablet-as-TV narrative.

I’ve told this story before, but at Macworld Expo (I’m just calling it that forever) in 2013, someone approached me after a session and asked what I thought about a large iPad for television viewing. I believe my exact words were “Get away from me, crazy person.”

No, my first thought was “Get away from me, crazy person.” but that’s what I think any time anyone approaches me so I reminded myself I was in a public forum and thought about what he was saying. And I’ve been thinking about it ever since. I’m not sure about the need for a larger device, but I can tell you that’s exactly what my most frequent use case is for my iPad. I probably watch, oh, 157 different comic book hero TV shows. You’ve got your Arrow, your The Flash, your Gotham, your Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. And that’s before all the Marvel shows coming to Netflix. I tend to watch them on my iPad while I exercise or eat lunch. (I spend my entire week exercising and eating lunch.)

It seems like there are definite demographics where the tablet as TV would be even more appealing: Countries and living spaces like apartments and dormitories where space is at a premium and a large screen television isn’t optimal and more mobile lifestyles. But for everyone it allows you to more easily individualize your entertainment. I’m sure someone will tell us how horrible that is. They’re the same people who said television was horrible.

The use case is here, it just needs to be made better. I’m interested in advancements of set-top boxes, but I’d rather have better television viewing options on my iPad.