More adapter options

In response to my piece on MacBook power adapters and the replacement thereof, I got a few suggestions other than where to stick my MacBook power adapter.

iFixit does, of course, have a how-to on repairing your MacBook power adapter. That smacks of work to me but maybe you like that kind of thing?

If you have an adapter that only makes a connection when the wire is held in a certain way (and, hey, haven’t we all felt that we can only make a connection when held in a certain way?), Sugru is a moldable glue that turns into rubber. Ideally, you’d put this stuff on before it breaks to reinforce the wire (and, hey, isn’t being reinforced before we break what we all OK, I’ll stop). Personally, it looks like future technology to me so you might want to get some just to have around in case of zombie, robot or alien apocalypse.