» The Rebound

Hey, kids. Do you like “podcasts”?

You do?! Great! Well, do you like podcasts about technology?! What’s that you say? You would but you don’t know where to find one? Well, look no further, because Dan Moren, Lex Friedman and I are proud to announce The Rebound, a work that was years in the making and could only come to fruition when Dan got laid off from Macworld. For every door God closes, he lets you make a podcast.

The hook with The Rebound: we promise it’ll be no more than an hour long. Also, we’re all at least moderately funny. Dan’s the smart one. Lex is the pretty one. I write the show notes. :(

I’m pleased as punch to be podcasting with these guys (if you haven’t tried it, punch is extremely pleasing and, strangely, self-aware enough to be pleased about that). We think it’s a good time and we think you will, too.