» ‘An utter mess’

Dave Smith reviews the Kindle Fire TV for ReadWrite:

If you try using Voice Search within any Fire TV apps like Netflix, Amazon will immediately take you out of the app and provide you with options to purchase the content through Amazon—Amazon’s Voice Search won’t work within any apps.

That’s a pretty hobbled advantage then.

The Apple TV suffers from lack of a global search method as well, but literally taking you out of an app and into another app where you’re more likely to have to pay for the content you could get for free in the first app suits Amazon pretty well but not the user.

Smith also laments the lack of ability to stream content to the device and says the gaming really isn’t anywhere close to there yet.

After my post yesterday about my very serious first-world problems, some readers noted you can AirPlay Amazon Prime Video from the iPad to the Apple TV. I have done that, but it requires me to find my iPad and activate AirPlay. So, I find that to be half a solution.

(Via The Loop)

(An earlier version of this post said I couldn’t do anything else with the iPad if I was AirPlaying from it. Thanks to @kiggle for correcting me.)