» Amazon Fire TV

The Verge has a first look. At $99 with voice search and the potential for games (even if they’ll mostly be crappy at first) it’s a pretty compelling device. Search on the Apple TV without a Bluetooth keyboard or the iOS Remote app is a pain.

We talked about the potential for games on the Apple TV on the panel I was on at Macworld. Amazon is offering their own game controller for $40 which is a little pricey for such things but still about half what it costs for an iOS controller and it’s not apparently required for all games.

It’s nice to have options, but now I have content on a Mac and in Apple’s cloud that I can only stream to my Apple TV. I have Netflix that I can get from the Apple TV, the Wii or the Xbox and Amazon Prime video I can get of the Xbox or Wii. There is no single intersect in this Venn diagram.