» ‘Rorschach’s cat’ in action

Writing for CNBC, Cadie Thompson shows my Rorschach’s Cat theory in action. First she brings us one person’s view on Apple:

“Apple will every so often come out with a breakthrough product and then everybody copies it, and that’s where we are today. … It seems like everything is coming to a halt, but it’s not coming to a halt,” [former Apple interaction specialist Bruce] Tognazzini said. “And I have no doubt about that whatsoever. They will come out with another product that will change everything. I don’t think they are falling behind.”

And then she brings us another’s:

“The likelihood of Apple’s being able to come up with an innovative product or smartphone that would create new demand is very slim, given that the stock is 40 percent below its high,” [Global Equities Research managing director Chip] Chowdhry said.

One of these guys is wrong and given Tognazzini is saying pretty much exactly what I’ve written before, my money’s obviously on it being Chowdhry. What the hell the stock price being off its high has to do with Apple’s ability to make innovative products is beyond me, but Chowdhry sees what he wants to see: a dead cat of innovation.

One thing is for certain: if Chowdhry is wrong, he’ll still be gainfully employed making bad analysis about Apple.