How do you solve a problem like WWDC?

Daniel Jalkut:

As the greatest challenge for WWDC is in scaling to meet demand, I think it’s obvious that the rethought WWDC should be considered in terms of digital solutions. Call it WWDC if you like, but it needs to take place 365 days a year instead of 4. It needs to serve 300,000 developers, not 5,000. And it needs to take place online, not within the cramped confines of a small convention center in San Francisco.


Join us for AltWWDC – a free and open alternative to Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference – June 10th-14th, 2013. Five days of talks, food, co-working, and mingling with other developers all without the bar noise.

I only attend WWDC for the social aspect (and the liver abuse) so tickets are not a problem and, likewise, a digital WWDC does me no good. But whether the solution is Apple rethinking the problem or the community rethinking the problem, one thing is clear: the current system is broken if you hope to be a conference attendee.