» The return of the record

The record store I worked back in the 1980s was close to closing when something unexpected happened.

A few years after the turn of the millennium, [Johnny’s Records owner John] Konrad began rebuilding the business he had started in 1975. But as the music industry continued to unravel at the seams and all hope appeared lost for independent store owners, an interesting phenomenon occurred. Suddenly, and without much warning, a renewed interest in vinyl records began sweeping the states.

The vinyl revival saved the store.

That was the best job I ever had (until this one, anyway). I got to work at 3:00 in the afternoon and at 7:00 John would go to the liquor store next door, get himself a Jack Daniels and me a beer and we’d drink, listen to music and file records for an hour before closing up. I’m not sentimental about the music industry’s long, angry denial that its business model was being disrupted, but I have fond memories of working there. I’m glad Johnny’s Records is still there and is once again full of vinyl.