» “Windows 8 on PCs is Confusing, a Cognitive Burden”

Laptop Magazine (via Adrian Kingsley-Hughes):

Though Windows 8 is winning rave reviews for its touch-friendly tablet experience, many feel that the operating system’s “Modern-style” UI makes life more difficult for PC users. Count usability expert Raluca Budiu of the Nielsen Norman Group among these critics. Though she has not conducted any formal studies on Windows 8, the former Xerox PARC researcher and user experience  specialist has used the new OS enough to conclude that, for productivity tasks on the PC at least, Windows 8 is less user friendly than its predecessors.

I’ve said before that I think there’s a lot to like about Windows 8, but I also agree with this. If I thought Windows 8 was a transition away from the desktop to the don’t-call-it-Metro interface, I’d be more supportive, but it seems like Microsoft thinks this schizophrenic approach is a feature and not a bug.

Maybe I’m just a guy with a blog and a penchant for yachts and they’re right. The coming months will be interesting either way.