The Syndicate

Notice anything missing? No, over there. To the right. Lower. Oh, yeah. That’s it. Mmm-hmm. You’ve done this before.

Anyway, the point is the Google ad is gone.

“But… but… how will you monetize?” you ask. “HOW WILL YOU MONETIZE?”

Whoa, easy there, twitchy. I’ve got it covered.

Because I’m pleased to say that I’ll soon be hosting ads from The Syndicate.

I’m thrilled to be in such good company because the Syndicate has a terrific lineup. They even have a new site design which I’d like to think they did all for me, so let’s just assume that’s the reason.

You will now see posts thanking sponsors but hopefully for things you might actually be interested in as opposed to what an algorithm thought you might be interested in. Pff. Algorithms. What do they know? What’s an algorithm ever done for you? NOTHING.

All such posts will, of course, be clearly marked. Trust me, there’s only one thing I’m subliminally (YACHTS) selling on this site.

My thanks to the Syndicate and hopefully your thanks, too, since advertising and your donations and the pieces I write for Macworld are what keep me from having to go back to corporate IT.