Toning it down

As may be obvious by the fact that I once had a technology rumors parody site in Africa, one of my pet peeves about technology coverage is that it takes itself too seriously. Yes, there are aspects of technology that have to do with democracy and freedom of speech and people’s livelihoods. But the degree to which people throw around phrases like “company X’s evil move” and “why company Y should be terrified” and “product Z is giving competitors explosive diarrhea” (admittedly this is rarer) is eye roll-inducing.

Some examples:

– “Google’s evil stock split” (h/t MG Siegler)

– “Why Facebook Terrifies Google”

– “Why the iPad Gives Other Tablet Vendors Explosive Diarrhea” (couldn’t find a link for this one but I’m sure it’s out there somewhere)

It’s admittedly a matter of opinion, but I personally think Google’s stock split would more accurately be described as “sleazy” than “evil”. If you use “evil” it leaves you little room to accurately describe people who truly are monsters like, say, Hitler or Pol Pot or the members of Creed. And “terrified”? Are Google’s executives literally stumbling around Mountain View unable to take a full breath? “Why Facebook Concerns Google” is probably closer to the mark. Or “Why Facebook Causes Google Anxiety”.

I know those aren’t as dramatic.

That’s actually the idea.