» Apple takes innovative approach to Flashback malware removal

Tony Bradley writing for PCWorld:

In his Laws of Vulnerabilities blogQualys CTO Wolfgang Kandek appears to be impressed by Apple’s innovative approach to minimizing risk. “This is exciting and to my knowledge nobody has done something like this before. It makes total sense to me: We have been telling users to disable or uninstall Java if they do not need it, but we know very well that only very security conscious users will do so.”

At least someone’s giving Apple some credit.

Ed Bott offers some advice that will probably come in handy as my son’s getting interested in Minecraft:

If you must use Java because it’s required by a program or web site for which you have no alternative, consider disabling the Java plugin in your default browser, and use a secondary browser exclusively for any Java-related activity.

The good news is, the super yacht is completely unaffected by this vulnerability. So if you own a super yacht, you’re completely safe.