Returns department

As of late yesterday, actually goes to a store page again instead of just the Apple homepage. Apple, you see, used to have a dedicated online store page and then it went away since all the links to product pages were on the top bar anyway and getting rid of it meant they could fire Gary, the store page maintenance guy, who had become a bit of a liability for certain HR reasons that I won’t go into (this is a joke, as far as I know). Now the physical stores are closed so they had to re-open the virtual store. It’s all very simple. If somewhat bonkers in a worst timeline kind of way.

I used to prefer the dedicated store page, if only because muscle memory had me type in “” every time I wanted to check the price of something I probably wasn’t going to buy, so I felt put out when they got rid of it. If you had told me then “Good news! It’ll be back! Bad news, it’ll be because of a global pandemic.” I would have burned that monkey’s paw instead of making a wish on it.

Also, that was a terrible waste of a wish. “Bring back the online Apple store page”? What was I thinking?

(Via 9to5Mac.)