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Very Nice Web Site is written by me, John Moltz. If you have never seen me in the flesh before (and you really should, I’m quite spectacular) that’s me looking like a startled deer to the left.

Who am I and what do I do? You can find out a little more about me here, if you’re so interested, Mr. Nosey. But after years of doing corporate technology full time and writing part-time, I am now a full-time freelance writer, with all the rank, responsibility and Top Ramen associated with that position.

(I’m just kidding about the Top Ramen. We get the gourmet ramen from the freezer section. It costs a dollar more, but it’s so worth it.)

Some of the ground rules for this Very Nice Web Site: there are no comments. So sorry. So very, very sorry. How ever will you get along? Feel free to weep silently to yourself. Also, there will be ads and links to Amazon will be affiliate links. Basically, I reserve the right to monetize every inch of this site until it’s janked up like a NASCAR driver’s jumpsuit. Tastefully, of course.

Tip for the pro Very Nice Web Site reader: while the primary domain ends in “.net” I also have the “.com” domain and have redirected it here. So when you’re typing the URL in on your iOS-based device you can tap the “.com” extension and get to the same place.

If you want to get a hold of me to kindly inform me that I would do well to focus solely on Apple and stop discussing such heady and controversial subjects as competitive macramé (about which, heh-heh, I clearly know nothing), you can email me here.

Here’s a list of other places my “work” can be found.

My thanks to Lucian Marin for the great theme, The Journalist.