» ‘It’s time to stop using the iPhone SE 2 name now; it won’t be one’

I could not agree more with this sentiment from Ben Lovejoy.

There were those who wanted a relatively cheap, relatively modern iPhone. The SE met that brief by providing modern internals in an older casing, with (for Apple) a wallet-friendly price.

But the iPhone SE also sold to people like me. Those who wanted a more pocketable phone, and who loved the classic styling of the slab-sided design first seen in the iPhone 4. The fact that the model was relatively cheap was simply a pleasant bonus. Technically, I was downgrading from a more expensive phone, but I saw it as an upgrade because the SE gave me more of what I actually wanted.

I will probably buy an 8-sized iPhone if it does appear in the spring, but grudgingly and only because my SE will be four years old by then and I fear may not be able to run iOS 14. I had an iPhone 6 and then a 6S and I chose the SE because I simply prefer that size. In an era when Apple sells six different iPhones in a variety of sizes as unit shipments stagnate, it continues to baffle me that it refuses to sell me an iPhone in the size that I want.