» The nausea problem for Virtual Reality products

Steve Baker writing on Quora:

The killing blow for me comes from a series of US Navy studies on sim sickness. Simulator sickness in U.S. Navy flight simulators.

What they found was that even without nausea – there was a measurable degree of confusion and disorientation after prolonged exposure to VR experiences. This disorientation is the reason why the US Military advises against flying a plane or even driving a car for 24 hours after being inside a simulator.

I don’t know if Baker is being overly pessimistic or not. This seems to not affect most people to the degree it does me, but my own experience with VR has been extremely problematic in exactly the way Baker describes. I’m not down on VR for any other reason, I just don’t want to spend $500 to puke in a helmet.

I mean, I’d really rather not pay anything to puke in a helmet. That’s just the way I was raised.

(Via Kontra.)