» ‘To renew or not to renew?’

On Six Colors, Dan Moren talks about the pros and cons of actually paying for Apple Music now that it’s time to put our money where our ears are.

While there are several things I don’t like about it — particularly its confusing nature — I am dropping my cash on the subscription, mostly for the following reasons:

  • Seamlessly syncing playlists across all my devices. I am very playlist-dependent and being able to set them up and then instantly have access to them across all my devices is terrific. For all the crap I give Apple about syncing services, this one really works. Well, unless you have a non-catalog item in the playlist and then it doesn’t work at all, but at least I understand that.
  • Discovery. I like picking a song and having Apple Music make a playlist off of it. I often find a few songs I really like that I hadn’t heard before that way.
  • Fear. I fear what will happen to my library if I try to turn Apple Music off.

I’m not sure I’ll subscribe forever, but so far it’s worth it for me.