» I want my iPad TV

As far as the possibility of an iPad Pro being announced next week, I think Jason Snell’s staid analysis is worth taking to heart. Given the slate of things now being floated for next week, it seem unlikely that it’ll be all of them and the iPad Pro seems the most likely to not make the cut to me. Still, can’t rule it out.

Given the recent tablet activation numbers in the enterprise, it’s certainly possible Apple might be trying to target this toward corporations, but my interest in a larger iPad is strictly for watching mah shows. I would say the vast majority of my movie and “television” watching happens on the iPad now, often when cooking or exercising. Personally, I’d rather have an iPad TV than an iPad Pro. Remember under-counter televisions? Or portable TVs? My iPad is what those always wanted to be when they grew up. Now they’re dead. Very sad.

A new Apple TV may inspire me to go back to the couch. But given my current iPad use cases, I’m not sure that’s necessarily the best thing.