Sponsor: Pagico 7

My thanks to Pagico for sponsoring the Very Nice Web Site RSS feed this week.

We all have to manage tasks, notes, files, projects and contacts. Pagico lets you organize all of them in one elegant app, which is like Things and Bento rolled into one. It’s amazingly satisfying when have boarding passes right next to travel itineraries, or design drafts along with meeting notes.

With most todo apps, it’s easy to overlook tasks and miss deadlines when they are scattered among projects or contacts. Pagico, however, has a Dashboard view that turns all your tasks into one beautiful flowchart. Compared to the traditional calendar view, the flowchart is highly effective in giving you a forecast of your entire workload, making it easy to stay informed with those long-term tasks.

Another highlight of Pagico 7 is that it offers robust project management features. You can efficiently and easily navigate in your ocean of projects even when you have hundreds of them.

Pagico 7 also works with Zapier, which allows it to connect to thousands of apps and create amazing workflows. For instance, you can make workflows (zaps) to turn emails into tasks, get alerts on Slack when a task is due, or create Google Calendar events when a new task is created. The possibilities are endless.

Pagico works on OS X, Windows and Ubuntu and syncs with your mobile devices. Give it a try today (no payment or user account necessary) and see if it can make your work better organized, less stressful and more fun.