» Home for the holidays

Writing for the News Tribune, Rolf Boone covers the decision by The Mac Store, a Pacific Northwest Apple reseller, to close on Thanksgiving despite the threat of being fined by the mall it’s located in.

[The Mac Store’s president and chief executive Kevin] Anderson said he wishes shoppers would think more about the people who have to work on that day rather than simply the money they’re going to save.

“How many people aren’t with their families that day?” Anderson said.

Good for Anderson. The company that owns the mall has relented. It seems ridiculous to me that the whole point of the holiday gets subverted by the idea of lower prices for the subsequent holiday.

The Mac Mall is an interesting story. They were the place to go for Macs in this are long before Apple opened its own retail stores. They closed their Tacoma store in the late 1990s as Apple struggled but have since opened a few new stores in mid-range malls where Apple doesn’t have a presence. I’ve always had a pretty good experience with them, going back to the early 1990s.