» What’s it all about?

Taylor Wofford, writing for Newsweek on Gamergate:

The movement, insofar as a group of people obsessively complaining about something on Twitter deserves to be called a movement, claims that whatever sexism or misogyny exists within its ranks is the fault of outliers. The real GamerGate is about media ethics, they say.

But an analysis by Newsweek found that Twitter users tweeting the hashtag #GamerGate direct negative tweets at critics of the gaming world more than they do at the journalists whose coverage they supposedly want scrutinized.

You don’t say.

ADDED: Andy Baio dug into the numbers on his own and found Newsweek’s sentiment analysis to be lacking. It was only able to automatically classify 10 percent of tweets as positive or negative, so it just classified everything else as “neutral”. So their results are anything but representative of the majority of tweets.