» So long, Macworld, and thanks for all the hangovers

Macworld/iWorld Expo and Fan Fest-o-rama and carnival rides and late nights wondering why we bothered to stop at the Pied Piper with that creepy mural when the bartenders clearly hated us if not all humanity, why didn’t we just go straight to House of Shields? What, are we stupid? Anyway, IDG has announced that thing is “on hiatus”.

Meaning it’s over.

My first Macworld was 2007 when Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone. I asked Glenn Fleishman “Are they all like this?” No, of course, they weren’t, but they were a great way to get together with people who shared an interest in the same thing. I’d list all the people I met there but it was practically everyone I know in the Apple community. I even touched Ron Johnson there. Just walked up to him and… touch. Then I walked away. He didn’t even look at me.

Well, we’ll always have WWDC.