» The new iPhone lineup

Interesting things to note:

  • No 32 GB iPhone 6 models. $100 more than the base 16 GB gets you 64 GB. This is great for me because I was going to get the 32 GB model, but I find it odd. I wouldn’t be surprised is there’s a quiet refresh in 6 months that bumps the 16 GB model up to 32. Partly because of the second thing to note.
  • The 32 GB iPhone 5s is listed for $149. The 32 GB iPhone 5c that occupied that spot in the lineup had been $199.
  • The iPhone 5c slides down to “free” (with contract) with only an 8 GB option. Eventually, I think that will get bumped up to 16 GB with bumps to 32 for all the other 16 GB models and a bump to 64 for the 32 GB 5s and maybe back to $199. 16 GB really is the new 8 GB.

I see these odd price points as Apple’s way of milking the 8 GB and 16 GB base models a little longer while admitting that times have changed. On the other hand, now you have more incentive to pay more for the $299 iPhone 6 and they push you for $50 extra for a 32 GB 5s. Maybe that’s all they’re after.