Sponsor: Unitica, Banca and Convertica by Radiant Tap

My thanks to Radiant Tap for sponsoring the Very Nice Web Site RSS feed this week. these are smart-looking tools that make conversions easy. Looking at these made me realize how out of date the conversion tools I had been using were.

How often do you find yourself needing to convert kg to lbs? Watts to horsepower? And what about knots to nautical miles..? If your first thought was “wait, what knots…” – you are not alone – you probably need that only during America’s Cup. In everyday life though, one often needs just 5-6 unit pairs.

Unitica is a beautiful unit converter built around that idea – that you often need easy, direct access to your most used unit pairs, whatever they are – speed, mass, length, etc. Every time you make a conversion, you are one swipe away from adding it to favorites. And when you need those “knots” – type just “kn” in Unitica’s search field which will instantly filter down the results and then you are one tap away. See for yourself in the short demo video

Banca is Unitica’s sibling – but for currencies. Easily pick your favorite currencies and then quickly convert between all of them, at once.

Both apps are highly customizable – fonts, text size and colors – plus offer a custom keyboard with built-in simple calculator. They are available as one app for both iPhone and iPad. And if you do use multiple devices, all the settings will sync over iCloud.

They are available worldwide on the App Store: Banca and Unitica.
Or you can get both as special bundle called Convertica for 30% off.

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