Macworld to end print run, lays off most of staff

Many of my friends at Macworld either left or were laid off today. The online publication will continue with Chris Breen and a couple of other staff members and freelancers such as myself.

I have a stack of Macworld magazines in my office, including the first one I was mentioned in and the first one I contributed to. It was, along with National Geographic, one of the last print magazines I still subscribed to. Back in the day I got Macworld, MacUser and MacAddict. It is indeed the end of an auspicious era.

I want to thank Jason Snell who was kind enough to take an interest in Crazy Apple Rumors, which got me writing a small collection of jokes for their back page about 10 years ago and would eventually lead to me being a Senior Contributor, a title I have taken great pride in. I also want to thank Dan Moren who has mostly been my editor and who is a good friend. I selfishly hope both stay in the Apple world so I can see them every year at at least one event or another (I guess it’s unclear what, if anything, this means for the Macworld/iWorld trade show). My thanks also to Serenity Caldwell (who, I understand, is moving on but staying in the community) and the Dans Miller and Frakes for their occasional edits and Phil Michaels for having me on the Pundit Showdown, where I once won over Paul Kafasis, even though I didn’t actually beat him. Turns out the whole thing was rigged. Who knew?

My best wishes to all these people and the other staff members. They’re all very talented and great to work with.