» ‘These are not the wearables we’ve been waiting for’

Dan Frommer:

While it’s impressive how small today’s computers can get, Google and its partners have still failed to demonstrate truly compelling use cases—let alone “rich user experiences”—that will create a mass market for $200+ smartwatches.

That was my reaction. I saw not one really compelling reason why I would strap one of these ungainly large devices on my wrist.

I feel like much of this “iWatch” pressure analysts and pundits and even their competition are attempting to put on Apple is to get them to enter this market and do the hard work of defining what these devices are really for. It remains to be seen if Apple can make something out of this or even wants to. Until then, though, these $230 tuna and sardine cans with screens constantly beeping messages at us don’t offer anything of worth.