Sponsor: Shoots & Leaves

My thanks to Shoots & Leaves by Smart Goat for sponsoring the Very Nice Web Site RSS feed this week. A clever title for a clever app.

Some pictures are worth a thousand words. Shoots & Leaves is for the rest.

Don’t let your iPhone’s camera roll get cluttered with to-do items. Take a picture with Shoots & Leaves, and it gets uploaded to the cloud. Which cloud, you ask? Shoots & Leaves supports uploading to Dropbox, CloudApp, Evernote, and Imgur, with more on the way.

Whichever cloud you choose, the app gets a link to the photo and does something with it. You decide what that something is: Create a reminder, send a text, add a task to Omnifocus. Shoots & Leaves supports a growing list of built-in and third-party apps. You can format what’s sent and send different photos to different actions. It’s great for photos that are to-do items and don’t need to be saved forever.

Find out more at our website and download it now on the App Store.

Shoot, then leave. Easy as that.

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