Sponsor: The Lead Cloak, by Erik Hanberg

My thanks to fellow Tacoman and veteran author Eric Hanberg for sponsoring the Very Nice Web Site RSS feed this week. Eric’s new book *The Lead Cloak* is on sale this week. I’m only partway in but it’s precisely the kind of science fiction I like. Here’s Erik’s tongue-in-cheek introduction for Very Nice Web Site readers:

Hi, my name is Erik and I live in Tacoma, Washington, just like John Moltz. One time I saw him when I was waiting in line at the Apple Store. Otherwise, we don’t know each other.


I wrote a sci-fi novel called The Lead Cloak, about a new technology in the future called the Lattice, which is like a super Internet. Basically, it does all the same things our Internet does today, but with a higher creep factor.

The book is really good. There’s an opening action scene that I like a lot, then some world-building about how the Lattice has shaped society, then a crazy plot twist that will keep you up reading well past midnight.

The ebook edition is on sale all this week for $0.99 on Amazon, the iBooks Store, Kobo, and Nook (it’s not even worth providing the link to the Nook Store, is it?).

If all that sounds interesting to you, you should check it out.

The Lead Cloak by Erik Hanberg: It’s about the kinds of things John’s Very Nice Website would cover 70 years in the future