» Microsoft Surface Pro 3

The Verge:

Microsoft made one thing clear: it wants its new Surface Pro 3 to be able to replace your laptop.

At $929 with a keyboard it darn well better. At that price you get 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB of storage and an i3 processor. The $899 11-inch MacBook Air is a 4 GB / 128 GB / i5 configuration. The Surface 3 has a better screen, but Apple’s base offering is faster, has more storage and is $30 cheaper.

Microsoft made a show of how the 12-inch Surface 3 is lighter than the 13-inch MacBook Air when you compare the two without the Surface’s¬†keyboard attached. With the keyboard, it still weighs less than the 13-inch Air but (assuming the Surface 3’s Typecover weighs the same as that of the Surface 2) it weighs more than the 11.6-inch Air. So, it weighs exactly what it should weigh.

I just don’t see how this moves the bar much.

No Surface RT mini was announced which is probably a good thing.