Sponsor: Primary

My thanks to Primary for sponsoring the Very Nice Web Site RSS feed this week. Haven’t you always wanted an Instagram client for your iPad? Now you can have one, with even more features. Looks and works great, too.

Instagram is great. Except when it’s not: when it’s filled with endless selfies, text memes, pictures of Moltz’s #poodle, and auto-playing videos in quiet rooms.

That’s where Primary comes in. Primary is a beautifully designed Instagram gallery app for iOS that lets you do so much more. Like hide all those pictures, people, tags, and videos you don’t want to see. Auto-playing videos? Never; not an option. Moltz’s #poodle? Filtered out; muted; hidden.

We could go on: fast-switch accounts, pinch to zoom, simple lists, native iPad support, light and dark themes to choose from. You get the idea. Don’t believe us? Ask Beautiful Pixels: “Gorgeous”. Ask iMore: “I seriously love” Primary. Just don’t ask Moltz’s #poodle.

Go make Instagram great again. Go get Primary.

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