» Comixology removes in-app purchases

The Verge:

It’s about to get a bit more difficult to buy comic books from a mobile device. Comixology is replacing its iOS app today with a new version that removes the ability to purchase comics.

Well, that answers that question. It is, of course, Amazon’s prerogative, but it definitely takes something away from the easy user experience of the app. I was wondering why when I went to look at the “new” Comixology app it had so many one-star reviews. Comixology also makes the Marvel and DC apps, so I just dragged the Marvel app out of a folder and put it on the first page of my iPad Air and dragged Comixology off it and into the folder.

So now the question is how long Amazon will allow that contract to continue. Sadly, based on the Marvel Unlimited app, I don’t have a lot of faith Marvel can make a replacement that’s as nice.

Hopefully this is an opportunity for another app creator to present themselves.