» Tropes magazine interviews Jony Ive

Time has an interview with Jony Ive and Jeff Carlson asks “Why Do Big Magazines Hire Hacks for Big Tech Stories”:

I really do wish I knew why such high-profile, information-rich interview opportunities like this one are squandered by big magazines.

The interview is Ive’s words wrapped in the usual suspects of conventional wisdom about Apple, including the obligatory religious metaphors. John Arlidge writes:

When Ive sees customers queueing overnight to buy the latest iPhone, does he worry that we have become too obsessed with the latest “this” or “that”, that we are genuflecting at the altar of technology? A phone is just a phone, not the second coming of Christ.

When Christ returns, Arlidge believes, the reaction will be for people to “queue overnight” to see him. Sound like the Apocalypse is really going to be something.