» ‘Microsoft Surface: A Tale of Two Computers’

Writing for TidBITS,  Julio Ojeda-Zapata has a very thorough look at the Surface:

Like many Apple stalwarts, I have long regarded the Windows world as a foreign land — an intriguing, exotic destination suitable for a bit of sightseeing, but the sort of place that suffers from too many problems for me to want to live there.

Surface, Microsoft’s line of hybrid computers that are part tablet and part Windows PC, has me rethinking this position.

Spoiler, though: He still runs into problems and still sticks with the Mac. But, he finds the Surface better than expected.

You can get a refurbished Surface Pro for $480 and this week Microsoft is offering $40 off its keyboard covers. At these prices can you afford not to get one?

Well, probably, yes. But if you needed to run some Windows applications, that’s a cheap way to do it.