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Michael Yoshikami presents “Three things Apple needs to do right now.”

Right now right now or later right now?

1. Present to the marketplace new products in untapped segments

Like their competitors have so successfully done.


Moving on! See if you can spot the logical flaw in number 2.

2. Deliver a next-generation iPhone that isn’t just evolutionary but instead contains meaningful technological advances such as the fingerprint scanner included in the iPhone 5s.

Yes, they desperately need meaningful technological advances. Like the one they introduced last fall.

3. Paint a clear vision as to their view on the emergence of new technology and how it will be incorporated into products

Tip your hand! Start acting like Google! Stop being so you!

Being an innovator not only means great technology but understanding what the market wants and delivering a product that is unique and differentiated.

Unique and differentiated. Cannot stress that “and” enough. So many companies will ship products that are unique but not different. Or, very different but not unique. It’s a problem.

Pieces like this are basically advertising, in this case for Yoshikami’s investment advisory firm. Its mission statement?

Our passion is making a difference each and every day

Well… there’s always tomorrow.