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Christina Cacioppo gives a straightforward assessment of developing for Android and/or iOS based on her experience:

Today we talk about “Android versus iPhone,” but I think we’ll soon compare the iPhone to “Google Android,” “Samsung Android,” “Amazon Android,” and “Xiaomi Android,” and we’ll calculate market share between the Androids.

I wonder if much of the tech press is ready for that kind of subtlety. In practicality, the differences between platforms are more subtle than usually gets portrayed. Developers know this, serious analysts know this. Will Business Insider ever know this? I can’t say I’m hopeful, but maybe they’re catching on.

On which platform to pick, if you have to pick, Cacioppo says:

For some – especially for consumer products, because most developers know more iPhone users than Android users – that’s iOS; for others – particularly those who have developers with little mobile experience and some Java experience – that’s Android.

Preeeetty sure you’re just supposed to say one is right and the other is wrong, Christina.

(Via Benedict Evans.)