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Have you heard of these “podcasts”? Apparently the kids all love the podcasts these days. While I’m sure it’s a fad that will never catch on, you might want something to listen to these podcasts on for the duration of the fad (which has been something like eight years so far) and you could do much worse than Castro, which just came out from Supertop.


I’ve been beta-testing it for a few weeks and it’s one of those apps that does iOS 7-ication right. In fact, better than Apple’s Podcasts app. There aren’t many buttons, but the ones there are have borders of some kind. Where there aren’t buttons, there are gestures. To move forward or backward in a podcast, just swipe the area at the bottom where the controls are. I had to learn that trick from their site, but it’s a nice implementation once you know it.

Castro lets you see podcasts by show or by episode, which is a handy view to see what’s the most recent. It has its own podcast search and didn’t have any trouble finding the shows I listen to. Not that the above is a complete list. Rest assured I also listen to your show, whoever you might be.

One of my favorite features of Castro is simply a visual effect. They take the podcast logo and blow it up as a background for that podcast, so there’s no question about which podcast you’re about to listen to.


OK, maybe that’s not a problem for you because you’re so on top of things and mom likes you better and, god, how I hate you, but it still looks great. Just swipe right to go back to the list view.

So far Castro has been great about downloading episodes in the background and having them waiting for me when it’s time to walk the dog (which is not a euphemism I actually have a dog that I walk). The only downside to Castro I can think of is that it’s iPhone-only, so there’s no syncing, of course. Not that Apple’s syncing has worked that well for me anyway.

Castro is $2.99 from the App Store. Yes, I got my copy for free and, yes, they used a screenshot of the last episode of The Talk Show I was in on the App Store. Now you know how deep I’m in to Supertop. Scandalously deep, really. But if you think I wouldn’t drop $2.99 on a great app for listening to podcasts — in fact, the best I’ve used — well, then you don’t know how much I spend on apps. So maybe mom’s wrong and you’re not so smart.