» Network Plus Sit/Stand Desk from Dania

Why am I plugging a desk? No, Dania is not a sponsor, my wife got this desk a few weeks ago and for $500 it’s the cheapest, decently-made motorized standing desk that I’ve seen. She hasn’t had it that long, but I put it together for her and it seems solidly built. We’ve had some Dania furniture before and while it’s not the best it’s better than Ikea in my experience. (Maybe that praise is too faint.) Assembly was a little complicated but I did it so it can’t be that hard. The top goes up and down smoothly with her monitor, MacBook and a moderate amount of assorted papers and crap on top of it.

It seems like a lot of people are looking for sit/stand desks and most of the prices we saw when we were looking started at $800 and quickly run up into the thousands, so this one is a deal if you’re in the market.