» Where all the phablets are

The title of this AllThingsD piece by Liz Gannes is “South Koreans Love Phablets”.

In a worldwide sample of nearly 100,000 iOS and Android devices, seven percent were “phablets,” the jumbo-phone/mini-tablet hybrid. But in South Korea, 41 percent of such devices are phablets, according to Flurry Analytics.

But do they love phablets or do they love the home team?

South Koreans have a notable tendency to buy local devices. As of August 2013, 85 percent of devices owned in South Korea were manufactured there, Flurry said. Samsung had 60 percent market share.

The more you slice the “Apple must make a larger iPhone!” argument, the more of a joke it becomes. Maybe Apple will ship a larger phone next year and maybe it’ll be a hit. But to date a large part of the market for these devices has been South Koreans buying local, and Apple’s never going to crack that nut.