Podcasting fever

Podcasting. Have you heard of it? It’s all the rage right now. If you’re podcast-curious, here are some podcast-related links about podcasting, podcast technology, podcasters and the men and women who love them. Who also have their own podcasts. (Podcasting is a little incestuous right now.)

In a guest post on 512 Pixels, Myke Hurley gives some advice to aspiring podcasters.

Personally, I expect to be making enough money within the next year to be able to do this full time and leave my job.

That’s pretty cool.

Meanwhile, Harry Marks opines on the state of podcasting as a podcast listener.

There are some fantastic indie podcasts and podcast networks out there right now bogged down by, among other things, a lack of understanding what makes terrestrial talk radio so listenable.

One of those is editing. And, to round out this collection of links, Watts Martin points out Hindenberg, a $95 Mac application for editing podcasts that Andrea Seabrook uses on her podcast, DecodeDC. You spend $100 bucks on your mic, you shouldn’t balk at $95 for your editing software. Are you in podcasting to win podcasting or not?