All for the funnies

OK! OK! You twisted it out of me! I’ll tell you which iPad I’m getting!

God, you’re so nosey.

I’m not going to tell you which iPad you should get, of course. I’m not sure how anyone could really do that. Particularly with you. You’re so flighty. Like that time in college when you went paleo, pescetarian, vegan and then back up the spectrum until you were working at a slaughterhouse all within a week. Anyway, you have issues is what I’m saying.

As for me, I’m getting a 32 GB WiFi iPad Air. My iPad has been a third generation since they came out and for the last year I’ve been coveting my wife’s iPad mini. (I’m lucky it’s my wife’s and not my neighbor’s wife’s otherwise I’d be breaking twice as many Commandments.) The mini’s still a good size for gaming and it’s the perfect size for reading and, of course, you can use a keyboard with it and do some writing.

The only only problem for me with the mini is comic books. Yes, I love me some comic books and reading them on anything short of a 10-inch screen is tiresome. So, that is my deciding factor. Everything else I can do roughly the same on a mini — reading, writing with a Bluetooth keyboard, playing games — but reading comic books is a totally different experience as you’re forced to use the frame-by-frame navigation instead of reading the full page. Comic books weren’t meant to be read that way, my friends. You can’t do it. It’s against their nature. An unholy act. You’ll go to hell for even trying it. Straight. To. Hell.

Before the Air was announced, my plan had been to get a mini and keep my 3rd-generation iPad for reading comic books, which was not a great plan because then I’d have to stack devices on my nightstand. But given that Apple’s managed to shave almost a half a pound off the iPad with the Air, I’m all in on the Air.

I’ll also pick up either the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard cover or the Thin Type Keyboard for Belkin.

The 32 GB is just because I can’t fit on a 16 GB iPad anymore and WiFi because I don’t travel much so I’m content to tether to my phone, particularly now that I’m on Verizon. I’m sure they exist, but I don’t think I’ve ever been to a place that gets AT&T and not Verizon. That I know of. Heh-heh.


Anyway, there you go.

Seriously, I have no idea why you care about this.