» Space Gray vs. black

I was going to post a comparison picture but iMore’s Richard Devine beat me to it. The iPhone 5 was the first time I wished I had gotten the white iPhone instead of the black. The white iPhone 5S is still a thing of beauty, but Apple made the “black” option better by returning a bit of the iPhone 4’s banding. I think the black iPhone 5 was nice, but too monochromatic. Very obelisk-y.

I’ve only had my new iPhone 5S in my pocket with my keys for a bit today but so far not a single scratch. I’ll keep an eye out for that. While cooking dinner tonight, I had two denials trying to fingerprint unlock it with my hands wet. Which is probably what I would have gotten with the passcode anyway. Otherwise it’s worked perfectly. It’s so easy that I’ve set the phone to require a passcode immediately, something I’ve never done before.

I spent a bunch of time with the iPhone 5C models in the Apple Store today and was truly impressed by the finish. The pink is a shade more to salmon or rose than a straight pink. I wanted to like the white but it does seem drab by comparison to the others and overly reminiscent of the 3G and 3GS white. I guess you have to have a drab option, but I wish it was black instead. Maybe next year.