It’s the little things

Dan Wineman just posted this tip:

Got iOS 7? Try swiping right-to-left in Messages.

If you were to read the writing of certain jerks, jackasses, dillholes, what have you, about iOS 7 you’d think the only differences were cosmetic. But last night my wife was asking if she should update and I noted it’s quite different but there are so many little improvements it’s completely worth it.

For example, I use the timer feature every day for various reasons but mostly cooking. Now the lock screen displays the amount of time left on a timer. It’s a little thing, but it’s of huge value to me because I use it every day. Same with the flashlight. Siri. Being able to search on any page.

In a device you have on you all the time, a device you use all the time, the little things add up. Is iOS 7 perfect? No. (They never did fix that awful Newsstand icon.) But it’s definitely a winner to me.