» ‘Google Glass is the dumbest invention of all time’

David Caolo on wearing Google Glass to a baseball game (via Peter Cohen):

The only downside to seeing a live, professional baseball game is there’s no TV. Thank God Google is here to end our national nightmare.

So, I’m going to play devil’s advocate here and let me be clear that I’d rather be caught dead than wearing Glass in a social setting (I ONLY HAD IT ON FOR A MINUTE).


What if there was an app that gave you situational analysis from someone you trusted. Like, not Tim McCarver.

“0-2 count, the pitcher’s probably going to throw something low and away.”

“The team shouldn’t bunt here because bunting is for suckers but the manager thinks he’s Ty Cobb without the racism so look for the bunt.”

So, beyond just telling you the speed of the pitches which, yes, you could read on the scoreboard, wouldn’t you be interested in some smart and maybe funny real-time analysis?


Wait, smart/funny baseball analysis app is my idea. YOU CAN’T HAVE IT.

Anyway, I’m on record as being less excited about the consumer implications of Glass than the industrial, science and educational implications. But I do see room for certain digital services in these settings.

Not that I want them on my face.