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Finally someone has created a to-do app for the iPhone.

That’s a joke, of course, but the truth of the matter is I’m still looking for the perfect to-do app and Begin is a nice shot at scratching this perennial itch. From Ben Brooks and Kyle Rosenbluth, Begin is pretty darn close to the to-do app that I would make were I make-enabled. Pull down to create a task, swipe right to complete, swipe left to send to tomorrow, hold and move to reorder. It’ll also give you a daily reminder of your tasks. That’s the basic gist. The interface is nice and iOS 7-y thanks to David Lanham of The Iconfactory.

The only difference in my imaginary app is that unfinished tasks from yesterday would roll over to today. In Begin you pull up to see unfinished tasks and swipe to move them to today. Still, I quite like it and I’m giving it a shot for managing my day-to-day tasks.

Just 99 cents in the App Store.