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Motorola’s web site for the new Moto X includes some copy… just for the ladies.

Under “Feminine mystique” you’ll find:

Is bigger really better? You decide. (16 or 32 GB)

Oh, capacity! Ha-ha, I thought you were talking about something else! Must be me.

Under “Touch each other, not phones”:

Moto X responds to your voice, no touching necessary. (That’s what she said.)

That’s what she said. It really says that. She does not require you to touch her. Whoever she is. Can’t we just talk? We never talk anymore. This is not the phone for you, mister handsy!

Finally, Motorola’s Twitter account would like you to know they like the Moto X so much that it’s giving them an erection (via Jeremy Stanley).

Yep. We’ve got wood. And 2K+ other combos. Designed by you. Assembled in the USA.

Edgy, Motorola/Google. Also gross.

UPDATE: An hour and a half later, the copy has been removed. The tweet is still live.