» Science-riffic analysis

CNet’s Lance Whitney:

Android holds the dominant market share in the U.S., but Apple’s iOS is tops at generating mobile Web traffic, according to Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster.

Tracking data across 70 different mobile Web site, Munster’s team found that iOS’s slice of traffic rose 2.6 percent over the past four weeks, giving it a 63 percent share. Over the same time, Android’s cut rose 0.2 percent to give it a 28 percent share.

These numbers are not too far off from Net Applications most recent numbers which have iOS at 58 percent and Android at 25 percent. But let’s note a couple of caveats I think are important here. First of all, Munster’s sample of 70 web sites is a little lower than I’d like to see, particularly considering Net Applications says their sample is 40,000. This is something of a pattern with him, like when he spent all of two hours outside a (meaning one) Microsoft Store to conduct a foot traffic comparison with an Apple Store. This is why I roll my eyes any time I see his statistics quoted anywhere.

Also, let’s remember that Apple is an investment banking customer of Piper Jaffray’s.